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Please check revisions on the Regular Season Game schedule

What to bring to practice everyday:

What to bring to practice:

We are entering through the double gates. We will exit through the gate on the corner of Ludlow and Leland St. Please do not hang out in a group before entering (social distancing before entering the stadium).

What you will need for practice:

  1. Water bottles (there will be no water, cups, or anything as we practice)

  2. Shin guards

  3. Mouth guards

  4. CLEATS and RUNNING shoes

  5. If possible, your own hand sanitizer

  • Practice Protocols to follow:

  • Each athlete will have a designated spot to put your gear. I will mark them off with cones. Please keep everything in your bag, face mask, water bottle, hand sanitizer etc.

  • Each water break, athletes must sanitize their hands before returning to play

  • Mouth guards must remain in your mouth - you are not allowed to hold them in your hands

  • I will have 4 groups that you will remain in during practice

  • I ask that you please use social distancing when we are not active, you do not touch the soccer ball with your hands, and wear a mask when we are talking or strategizing.